Kitchen Step Stool & Desk for Toddlers

Help Your Little One Reach New Heights!

Kids are bursting with curiosity, and watching you is the easiest way for them to learn new skills.
But because our homes are designed with adults in mind, they can’t always see what you’re doing.
That’s especially true in the kitchen, where you often work at tall surfaces.

With ComfyBumpy’s Kitchen Tower Stool for Kids, your little one can see the world from a whole
new perspective! Each one offers a platform height of 17.75,” allowing toddlers to reach kitchen
counters, tabletops and even the sink. Not only does it help them explore their surroundings and
satisfy their curiosity, it also gives you the opportunity to teach them everyday skills.

Thanks to an innovative 2-in-1 design, our toddler kitchen step stool transforms into a table and chair!
With a desk made just for them, kids gain a sense of independence without feeling isolated. Perfect
for drawing, playing and snacking, it provides cozy comfort. And because it’s lightweight and easy
to convert, you can use it in any room in the house. The best part? Assembly is truly effortless!

We put safety above all else! Made with birch plywood, our children’s kitchen learning stool is durable,
strong and reliable. Each one features side handles and a back guard rail, so you’re little one is in
the best hands.

Why Choose Our Toddler Kitchen Step Stand?

- Allows children to reach counters and tabletops
- Great way to teach skills and build independence
- 2-in-1 design converts into a table and chair
- Incredibly safe, reliable and strong
- Made with premium birch plywood


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