Our Story

Welcome To ComfyBumpy – Because of Little Things Matter!

Lay back for a second, close your eyes and imagine an uneventful, simple and relaxing parental journey…Well, there is no such thing, is there? Parenthood is well-known for its ups and downs, its joys and worries, its difficulties and its rewards.

We might not be able to promise you an uneventful or an easy parenthood but we can help you with the next best thing. We want you to think of ComfyBumpy as your friendly neighborhood baby shop that stands by you throughout your challenging, yet highly rewarding journey of being a parent. After all, that’s exactly who we are, short of the neighborhood part!


How It All Began

Being successful or even happy as a new parent is certainly not an easy feat…we should know! Raising up our own children was perhaps the most exacting, yet ultimately rewarding test of our entire life.

Having said that, we quickly came to realize that a sizeable part of our inconvenience and difficulty was due to a lack of certain smart solutions that would ensure our babies’ safety and our peace of mind.

It was right then, right there, that we decided to take matters into our own hands and design our very own baby products that would hopefully dethrone all the low-quality, unsafe and questionable items that have been flooding the market for long enough.


And That’s How The Idea For ComfyBumpy Was Born!

From toddler bed rails and bedside cribs, all the way to bassinets and playards, we make a point of emphasizing safety and quality so that we can help as many parents as possible feel as unburdened and worry-free as possible!


Picky Mom & Dad Approved!

We know how “picky” or “indecisive” new parents can be and we fully understand that. After all, you have every right to ensure your baby’s safety, comfort and quality of life.

In fact, we urge you to get in touch with us if you encounter any issues or have any questions regarding our products and we’ll be more than happy to address everything for you.

More than that, we ARE a family business, which is exactly why we seek to instill our family values into our business, making sure you constantly feel like an integral part and an extension of our own family.


Thank You For Choosing Us And Trusting In Our Core Values Of Quality, Safety & Family!


Mission Statement

Our mission and core values have remained constant since the very first day ComfyBumpy was born; to supply parents with top-quality, safe and comfortable solutions that will ensure their peace of mind and their little angels’ best possible life!